We take pride in our diverse international client base and have worked with companies and individuals from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Morocco, Israel, Russia, India, Nigeria, South Africa and others, operating in the aviation, manufacturing, e-commerce, advertising, entertainment, consulting, banking, retail, and wholesale industries.

In 2018, our accounting client base grew by 500%.
In 2019, we doubled our revenue through accounting outsourcing.
In 2020, we have successfully grown and helped clients during the pandemic.
Not a single client left.


1. Our people

We only employ accountants and chief accountants with work experience of 14 years or above. There are no assistants. All candidates must pass a difficult test.
We are an international team with educational and work experience in Europe and the US, with a variety of backgrounds, united by the common purpose of top-of-the-class customer service.

2. All inclusive

Our packages include absolutely all tasks typically performed by an accounting department. No hidden fees.

3. Professionalism

Every single accounting entry is checked by both people and the computer. We bear full material responsibility for our work. The risks are insured. Our processes are certified as meeting international standards in Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015). We pay close attention to details — as just one example, we use the kind of shredder that makes it impossible for anyone outside the secret services to put your confidential documents back together.

4. Communication

Our job is to save your time, not to waste it. Therefore, we distract you only if it’s absolutely necessary. At the same time, you can speak directly to your accountant anytime – something that most of our competitors avoid.

5. Outlook

We are an international team with education and experience in Europe and the USA. We apply our knowledge of building processes and service standards for the benefit of our clients on a daily basis.


Prices are per month, prepaid quarterly, and apply to companies with revenue <10,000 Euros per month.
For each additional 10,000 Euros of revenue: +249 Euros extra charge.



Outsourcing is often cheaper than the internal equivalent. For many companies, outsourcing is the easiest and cheapest way to get access to a chief accountant with over a decade of experience in their field of work.


Internal accountants often do not bear personal and material responsibility for their mistakes, so the employer must take the full responsibility for himself. High quality outsourcing companies rely on professional liability insurance and can take the financial consequences for any mistakes themselves.


By outsourcing accounting and other back-office functions, you are no longer distracted by secondary tasks and can focus on what really matters to your business. In turn, we strive to ensure that you receive an optimized service, this is our top priority.


Outsourcing is easily scalable. The relationship with your outsourced service provider can change, which means you can adapt in terms of cost, time and infrastructure.


Keeping track of the ever-changing norms of Russian law is critical but time-consuming, especially when there are few accountants. We centralize this function and explain it to individual accountants as needed, ensuring that the process is efficient and all the employees comply with the law.


When there is only one internal accountant, he must be the chief accountant to perform all the necessary tasks. However, 80% of the daily work can be done by any accountant. We distribute the workload more efficiently, so clients benefit from the entire team, including the leader, at a low cost.


Employees can get sick, take maternity leave, or retire at short notice, sometimes without a proper handover. In the event of dismissal, there were cases of sabotage. We have internal systems to ensure the availability and security of all necessary data, and if necessary, you can easily reassign work.


For the successful work of internal accounting, in addition to salaries and social contributions, costs are added to the main costs in the form of the cost of renting office space, consumables, work equipment, as well as the cost of software and much more (much more), which means private uncontrollable costs. Outsourcing allows you to cover all of the above costs at one price.


A contract with an outsourcing firm can usually be easily terminated within 30 days. The firm will still be obliged to provide optimal service to the end. In contrast, firing an internal accountant can cost up to three months’ salary and can be difficult due to legislation protecting certain employees.


Firms tend to have specialists in areas such as payroll, which cannot be justified as a full-time internal service role. In the absence of specialization, the risks of errors and waste of time for research increase. Sometimes rare problems arise that require specialized knowledge and experience to solve them.


Smaller companies may face lack of the expertise to effectively oversee their accountants, resulting in pay problems or poor task management. The outsourcing firm manages time and resources efficiently, mastering all the typical tasks required for day-to-day business operations, freeing you from time-consuming control.


Hiring the right accountants can be difficult without specific knowledge in this area. Using professional recruiting services is expensive, typically 20% of the annual salary. A specialized accounting firm knows how to optimize hiring to find talent. We check hundreds of resumes and conduct numerous interviews even for one role.


To ensure successful relationships, businesses can tailor outsourcing to their needs, such as the need for a chief accountant, payroll function, or non-payroll accounting. This ensures a smooth transition between existing processes and outsourcing, which can grow depending on its success.


Accounting outsourcing services make process optimization a priority. An accountant’s experience means that his typical, repetitive processes are streamlined and ready for future clients. Small bookkeepers understand that the resources required to optimize processes are greater than the potential benefits.


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