We are looking to hire an exceptional Chief Operating Officer, full of energy, drive and ambition. Relevant work experience is a plus, but not required – we‘ll very seriously consider the very best graduates from anywhere in Russia and beyond.

The company was founded in 2016 by Oxford alumnus and investment professional Benedikt Wagner, to whom you will be reporting directly. We aim to shake up the world of outsourcing and consulting in Russia. Our main focus at present are foreign clients, but we are also looking to expand on the domestic market.

As the Chief Operating Officer, you will be able to grow with our company. We hope that you will prove your people management skills from day one, even more so as more colleagues join the company. Ultimately, you could be rewarded with shares in the firm.

Note this is a young startup – it’s very hands-on. You need to be ready to do simple things yourself at first and should be aware of all the processes going on inside the firm. Initially, you will have one person reporting to you directly, while having shared responsibility with many others in a flat hierarchy.

At a later point in your career with us, you may have the opportunity to work in a fintech- and AI-related startup set up by the same founder.

Organise the firm’s day-to-day operations as efficiently as possible
Improve upon the company’s existing KPI system
Create tools that automate or facilitate everyday tasks
Accurately document all recurring processes
Use flowchart applications and make concisely written instructions
Monitor ongoing processes
Manage people: give tasks, evaluate performance
Liaise with employees to determine any operational issues to resolve
Suggest and manage projects
Inform the CEO and deputy CEO of major developments


Relevant experience is a plus


Must be fluent in English and in Russian


40 hours a week
Flexible schedule


Systematic and independent thinking
Full of initiative and new ideas
Good at project management and organisation
Keen to work in a multicultural team
Strong interpersonal skills
Independent thinking
Previous experience in a startup environment is an advantage


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