Printing, scanning, sorting files into folders? Courier services with or without a power of attorney? Entering business cards into your CRM system? Translating documents from and into Russian? Looking for a new office? Looking for a sofa, ordering a company logo for your office door?
Your time is valuable. Don’t get bogged down in routine: call your on-demand business assistant.

You can add our new on-demand business assistant service to any of our packages at a discounted price, or you can order it separately. Our assistants speak English and/or German, are always available for fast turnaround times, and can work remotely, around Moscow or at the client’s office.

We can adapt to almost any business situation. Give us a call.

Packages: Business Assistant

Prices are per month and exempt from VAT.


for starters


  • ✓ 5 hours per month
  • ✓ English-speaking


be flexible


  • ✓ 10 hours per month
  • ✓ English-speaking


quick impact


  • ✓ 20 hours per month
  • ✓ English-speaking
  • ✓ Most popular option


bona fide team member


  • ✓ 40 hours per month
  • ✓ English-speaking
  • ✓ Personally assigned to you


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Why Outsource?


Outsourcing reduces the cost of recruitment, supervision and full-time employment of highly qualified specialists.

Risk management

Unlike in-house employees, good outsourcing companies accept full financial responsibility for the quality of their work and are backed by professional liability insurance.


We are laser-focused on optimizing processes while you are free to concentrate on your core business.


Outsourcing is easily scalable, meaning you can stay agile in terms of costs, time and infrastructure involved.

Legislation Research

Keeping track of the ever-changing rules of Russian legislation is crucial, but time-consuming for a small in-house team. We centralize this function, ensuring both efficiency and compliance.


To ensure compliance you need a senior manager, but less than 20% of tasks typically require one. Conversely, we distribute the workload more efficiently so clients benefit from the entire team, including the Chief, without the large cost.


In-house employees can fall ill, go on maternity leave or resign at short notice. Dismissals can lead to disruptions. An outsourcing firm can easily reassign tasks internally and monitor the handover.

Incidental Cost

In addition to salaries and social contributions, in-house employees require office space, supplies, computers and software. With all-inclusive outsourcing, one price covers everything.

Ease of Cancellation

Laying off an in-house employee can be costly (3+ monthly salaries) and difficult. A contract with an outsourcing firm can typically be canceled within 30 days and is hassle free.


Specialization on narrow fields such as document translation or managing CRM reduces errors and time spent on research, but is often impossible at small in-house departments.


Smaller companies often lack the expertise to effectively supervise their employees, leading to poor compliance with regulations or systematic errors in basic operations.


Professional recruitment often costs 20% of the target’s annual salary. Industry professionals at outsourcing firms excel at testing candidates’ technical knowledge.

Partial Outsourcing

To foster a successful relationship, businesses can tailor their outsourcing to their needs, such as outsourcing the courier or document organization functions. This ensures a smooth transition between existing processes and outsourcing which can grow according to its success.

Process Optimization

Outsourcing firms streamline routine processes for maximum efficiency. Conversely, a small business department may find that the expenses involved in optimizing processes outweigh the potential gains.

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