We take pride in our diverse international client base and have worked with companies and individuals from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Morocco, Israel, Russia, India, Nigeria, South Africa and others, operating in the aviation, manufacturing, e-commerce, advertising, entertainment, consulting, banking, retail, and wholesale industries.

In 2018, our accounting client base grew by 500%.
In 2019, our revenue doubled.
In 2020, we kept growing despite the global coronavirus crisis.
Not a single client has left.


1. Our people

We only employ accountants and chief accountants with work experience of 14 years or above. There are no assistants. All candidates must pass a difficult test.
We are an international team with educational and work experience in Europe and the US, with a variety of backgrounds, united by the common purpose of top-of-the-class customer service.

2. All inclusive

Our packages include absolutely all tasks typically performed by an accounting department. No hidden fees.

3. Professionalism

Every single accounting entry is checked by both people and the computer. We bear full material responsibility for our work. The risks are insured. Our processes are certified as meeting international standards in Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015). We pay close attention to details — as just one example, we use the kind of shredder that makes it impossible for anyone outside the secret services to put your confidential documents back together.

4. Communication

Our job is to save your time, not to waste it. Therefore, we distract you only if it’s absolutely necessary. At the same time, you can speak directly to your accountant anytime – something that most of our competitors avoid.


Prices are per month, prepaid quarterly, and apply to companies with revenue <10,000 Euros per month.
For each additional 10,000 Euros of revenue: +249 Euros extra charge.


For Sole Proprietors


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Tax advice
  • ✓ Power of attorney
  • ✓ Standard contracts
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Tax advice
  • ✓ Powers of attorney
  • ✓ Standard contracts
  • ✓ Full legal service
  • ✓ Customer service in English

Why Outsource?


Outsourcing reduces the cost of recruitment, supervision and full-time employment of highly qualified accountants.

Risk Management

Unlike in-house employees, good outsourcing companies accept full financial responsibility for the quality of their work and are backed by professional liability insurance.


We are laser-focused on optimizing processes while you are free to concentrate on your core business.


Outsourcing is easily scalable, meaning you can stay agile in terms of costs, time and infrastructure involved.

Legislation Research

Keeping track of the ever-changing rules of Russian legislation is crucial, but time-consuming for a small in-house team. We centralize this function, ensuring both efficiency and compliance.


To ensure compliance you need a chief accountant, but less than 20% of tasks typically require one. Conversely, accounting firms can distribute their workload efficiently due to their scale.


In-house accountants can fall ill, go on maternity leave or resign at short notice. Dismissals can lead to disruptions. An outsourcing firm can easily reassign tasks internally and monitor the handover.

Incidental Cost

In addition to salaries and social contributions, in-house accountants require office space, supplies, computers and software. With all-inclusive outsourcing, one price covers everything.

Ease of Cancellation

Laying off an in-house accountant can be costly (3+ monthly salaries) and difficult. A contract with an outsourcing firm can typically be canceled within 30 days and is hassle free. 


Specialization on narrow fields such as payroll reduces errors and time spent on research, but is often impossible at small in-house accounting departments.


Smaller companies often lack the expertise to effectively supervise their accountants, leading to poor compliance with regulations or late pay for employees.


Professional recruitment often costs 20% of the target’s annual salary. Industry professionals at accountancy firms excel at testing candidates‘ technical knowledge.

Partial Outsourcing

If you are uncomfortable with an immediate switch to a comprehensive outsourcing solution, you can start by outsourcing certain elements: e.g. payroll, the chief accountant function, financial accounting, processing of source documents, etc.

Process Optimization

Accountancy firms streamline routine processes for maximum efficiency. Conversely, a small accounting department may find that the expenses involved in optimizing processes outweigh the potential gains.

Say goodbye to hidden fees

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