New QR-Code Requirements in Moscow Explained

                                                 Sergei Bobylev / TASS

Many of our clients have been reaching out about the newly established QR code rules in Moscow and how they apply to foreigners. We decided that many will find this summary information useful and wanted to share:

  1. As of June 28, for entry of all public events of no more than 500 people, cafes and restaurants it is necessary to present a QR code confirming that:
    1. You have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; or
    2. You had covid within the last 6 months and is registered in the official database of those who recovered; or
    3. You have a negative PCR test result from a Moscow lab registered with the EMIAS database. The test is valid for 3 days from the date of receipt.
  2. How to get the QR code:
    1. PCR
      1. The PCR result should automatically be uploaded to the EMIAS database and you can download the EMIAS.INFO app to find your result and get the QR code.
      2. You can obtain the QR code at the lab that conducted the PCR test given a negative result.
      3. On the MOS.RU website or app.
    2. Vaccinated individuals:
      1. Currently, individuals vaccinated abroad and/or with a vaccine not registered within the Russian Federation cannot obtain a QR code on these grounds. If you fall within this category you have to obtain a PCR.
      2. If you have been vaccinated with any of the vaccines registered in Russia you can obtain a QR code via
        1. EMIAS.INFO app
        2. MOS.RU website or app
        3. In order to get the QR code you need to have a completed and authorized  profile on MOS.RU
    3. Once the QR code has been obtained you can print it out
  3. Starting June 27th, foreigners living and working in Russia can get vaccinated at the Sakhorovo Migration Center located at
    Varshavskoe shosse, 64th kilometer, household 1, building, Sakharovo, Moscow Oblast, 142161 by request of your employer at the moment but this will be extended to sole proprietors shortly
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