Payroll for foreign businesses in Russia

Russian payroll is time-consuming and extremely error-prone in the absence of well-defined processes. Due to regular changes in legislation, in-house staff face many difficulties in calculating personal income tax and social contributions and consequently, in mandatory reporting.

If you already have an accounting department, you still have the opportunity to outsource payroll and personnel records.

We offer:

  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Calculation and payment of wages
  • Reporting to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and the tax authorities

Advantages include:

  • Transparent and correct payment of wages and taxes (we apply the “four-eyes principle”)
  • Monthly reconciliation with social funds and tax authorities
  • Confidentiality: We never disclose information on wages unless legally required to do so.

unlimited packages

Prices are per month, prepaid quarterly, and apply to companies with revenue <10,000 Euros per month.
For each additional 10,000 Euros of revenue: +249 Euros extra charge.


For Sole Proprietors


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Tax advice
  • ✓ Power of attorney
  • ✓ Standard contracts
  • ✓ Customer service in English


For LLCs


  • ✓ Accounting
  • ✓ Payroll
  • ✓ Tax advice
  • ✓ Full legal service
  • ✓ Customer service in English

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Why Outsource?


Outsourcing is often cheaper than an in-house equivalent. For many companies, outsourcing is the easiest and cheapest way to access a Chief Accountant with over a decade of experience in their field.

Risk management

In-house accountants often are not personally and materially liable for any errors incurred, so the employer has to foot the bill. Quality outsourcing companies are backed by professional liability insurance, and can accept the financial implications for any mistakes.


By outsourcing your accounting and other back office functions, you are no longer distracted by secondary concerns and can concentrate on what really matters to your business. In turn, we focus on ensuring you receive an optimized service, which is our priority.


Outsourcing is easily scalable. The relationship with your outsourcing provider can develop, meaning you can stay agile in terms of costs, time and infrastructure involved.

Legislation Research

Keeping track of the ever-changing rules of Russian legislation is crucial, but time-consuming, especially when there are few accountants. We centralize this function and explain it to individual accountants on a need-to-know basis, ensuring process efficiency and that all employees adhere to the law.


When there is only one in-house accountant, it must be a Chief Accountant to carry out all necessary tasks. Yet 80% of daily work can be done by any accountant. We distribute the workload more efficiently so clients benefit from the entire team, including the Chief, without the large cost.


Employees can fall sick, go on maternity leave, or resign at short notice, sometimes without a proper handover. In the event of a dismissal, there have been incidents of sabotage. We have internal systems to ensure all the necessary data is available and secure, and work can easily be reassigned if needed.

Incidental Cost

With in-house accountants, on top of the salary and social contribution, you must also pay for more office space, supplies, computers, as well as specialized software such as 1C and Konsultant, and so on. All-inclusive outsourcing means one price covers everything, signalling an end to surprise costs.

Ease Of Cancellation

A contract with an outsourcing firm can typically be canceled within 30 days and is hassle free. The firm will still be obligated to provide optimal service until the end. In contrast, laying off an in-house accountant can cost up to three months’ salary, and can be difficult due to legislation protecting certain employees.


Firms tend to have specialists in areas such as payroll which cannot be justified as a full time role in an in-house service. In the absence of specialization, there are greater risks of errors and wasted time researching. Rare challenges sometimes arise, which require specialist knowledge and experience to deal with it.


Smaller companies may lack the expertise to effectively supervise their accountants, leading to issues with pay or poor task management. An outsourcing firm efficiently manages time and resources, having mastered all the typical tasks needed for daily business operations, so you no longer need to supervise.


Without specialist knowledge, hiring the correct accountants can be difficult. Using a professional recruiting service is pricy, typically costing 20% of the annual salary. A specialized accountancy firm knows how to optimize hiring to find talent. We sift through 100s of CVs and conduct several interviews just for one role.

Smooth Transition

To foster a successful relationship, businesses can tailor their outsourcing to their needs, such as outsourcing the Chief Accountant role, the payroll function or the financial accounting without payroll. This ensures a smooth transition between existing processes and outsourcing which can grow according to its success.

Process Optimization

Accountancy outsourcing services make optimization of their processes a priority; having experience means typical, repetitive processes are streamlined, ready for future clients. A small accounting department may find the resources needed to optimize processes are greater than the potential gains.

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